What is Image Marketing?

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Image marketing (also known as “institutional marketing”) is what most people think of when they hear the term “Marketing”. 

Simply put, image marketing is creating a presence for your brand and leveraging that presence to create customer relationships. 

This works if you spend a lot of time money and effort on it.  The challenge is that it is almost impossible to measure the effectiveness of this type of marketing and most firms don’t have the millions of dollars necessary to launch large image marketing campaigns.

Most of what you see, hear and read in publications, on radio and television, inside almost every envelope, and on most websites is image marketing. 

It doesn’t inform the audience about the benefits, advantages and results they can expect from your service or firm.

It doesn’t educate. It doesn’t grab attention. It doesn’t create urgency. It doesn’t make a compelling case. It doesn’t capture a targeted client’s interest. It doesn’t ethically persuade and provide reasons-why a prospect would be smart to work with you. It fails to motivate the audience to respond immediately.

The worst part is that this form of advertising does not demonstrate why your firm will provide better results than other firms.

With image marketing, the client is left trying to figure out why you are better than everyone else and how you are different from everyone else.

In summary, image marketing:

  • Is expensive
  • Is almost impossible to measure
  • Takes time to work
  • Doesn’t educate
  • Doesn’t inform
  • Doesn’t differentiate
  • Doesn’t create urgency

The best rule of thumb I ever learned about marketing was:  “If you can’t measure the results, don’t do it.” 

Ninety percent of the time, you will not be able to measure the results of an image marketing campaign.