What is the difference between Sales and Marketing at a Law Firm?

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This is a question the many attorneys can’t answer. 

They associate both sales and marketing with a pushy, fast talking guy in a suit going door-to-door trying to get people to buy his product.  While some salespeople may behave that way, both sales and marketing are not intended to be processes that force, bully or intimidate people into purchasing things that they do not want or need.

Marketing is a business function that identifies the needs of a specific group of people (the market) and helps them express a desire to fill those needs.  In other words, marketing helps convince people to WANT the products or services that they already NEED.

Sales is the business function that converts people who have an interest in a product or service into consumers of YOUR product or service.

Marketing drives traffic to your business and sales converts that traffic into clients.  Marketing creates interest and sales converts people with interest into clients.

Both sales and marketing are critical disciplines for a law firm and they must be given a priority in all law practices large and small.