What makes this website different from other sites that help attorneys with marketing?

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There are three things that make RainmakerLawyer.com different and better than most of the other websites that help attorneys with marketing.

They are:

1). We help you focus on building a business.

While we offer many tips on how to get things done on a day-to-day basis, we also provide tips that will help you build equity in your firm. 

Ultimately, your law firm should be an asset that appreciates in value. 

You need to focus on building the equity in your firm right from the start.  Many of the other websites and so-called “gurus” that help attorneys with marketing are showing them how to succeed in the short term.  And that’s where they stop. 

In reality, these folks are just helping you “buy a job”.  You spend money on expensive advertising and you obtain a handful of clients.  You then work directly with these folks until their matter has concluded and then you go back to spending money on expensive advertising.  It is a never-ending cycle.

Our mission is to help you build a business for the long run – one that will increase in value over time.  Client acquisition is a part of that overall picture but there are many other parts. 

2). We have actually done this before.

Everyone who provides educational material for this website has actually used the concepts we are teaching.  There is no academic theory on this site that has never been actually proven in real life.

Many other “guru” websites are just copying information they have read in a textbook or have heard in a marketing seminar.

3). We are not encumbered by the stagnant ideas that most lawyers have about marketing.

Have you ever tried to cut your own hair? 

Most people go to a trained professional for a haircut because they want the job done correctly.  After all, a stylist (or a barber) knows how to cut and style your hair.

We know how to build a professional service business.  We know how to build a profitable law firm. 

We do not subscribe to the thought process that bogs down most attorneys.  We think like your client’s think.  This helps us help you understand them.  Understanding is the first step to providing them with the service they want.

Although there are many more differentiating factors, these three are the most compelling reasons to return to RainmakerLawyer.com over and over again.