What Should You Make Of The Latest Google Update?

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I must admit I’m sick of reading and talking about the latest update to Google’s algorithm.

Since you are probably here to learn more about how to get clients as a lawyer, and since this is posted on the internet, I need to be responsible and address the issue.

This Google update – labeled Penguin 2.0 – rolled out on May23, 2013 – right before the Memorial Day Holiday weekend in the United States.  The premise of this update is to go deeper in routing out web spam and black hat SEO techniques.  This means sites adding bogus links and gaming the system will be aggressively routed out by this new algorithm.

So what does this mean for you?

If you have been creating great content and updating your blog and website regularly, you are, in theory, supposedly immune from any impact.  In fact you may notice a positive impact as a result of this update.

That’s the party line from Google.

Here’s what I have seen as a result of previous algorithm updates – again my experience may be unique so take this with a grain of salt:

Short Term Instability in Ranking

Typically in the weeks after a Google update, both large and small, I have noticed a fluctuation in the search results of my website’s pages for some of my keywords.  Some move up in rank by 10, 20 or even 50 places (that’s five whole pages) and some move down by that much.

The place to monitor these fluctuations is in your Google Webmaster Tools account.  Looking at them day-by-day will drive you crazy.  Take a look at your search keyword ranking once or twice each month.

If you depend upon search results for traffic and ultimately clients, you will need to supplement your organic SEO efforts with pay per click and social media activity (posting links and engaging in conversations).

Long Term High Quality Results

As Google’s Matt Cutts outlines the company’s priorities for the months surrounding this update,  he reaffirms Google’s mission to provide the best search results in a timely fashion.  This update, long term, is designed to help advance that initiative.

This should be good for all of us who produce high quality content and deliver value to our readers.  Don’t lose hope as you ride the organic traffic rollercoaster in the short term.  This update should be a net positive.

Ultimately, the big “G” is innovating faster than people can game the system – which is a good thing.  Write for people and provide great content, as often as you possibly can, and you will benefit from this update in the long run.

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Note that including links to additional posts is something I am just starting here at the rainmaker lawyer website.  I’m doing this to help Google find more of the great content on this blog.  This is something I should have done a while ago.

Remember: The best time to start something was yesterday.  The second best time – today.