What You Don’t Say Speaks Volumes

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Some lawyers will say anything to get clients.

“What are my chances of a favorable outcome?”

“Will we win?”

“Am I going to get $1 million?”

Those questions are being asked of lawyers all over the world, right now, by clients who just sat down in a chair across their desk.

Honest lawyers say:

“There is no way to know.  Every case is different.  Here are the aspects of the case that work in your favor… and here are the aspects of the case that concern me…”

Now we all know lawyers who promise the client the moon and the stars and then shrug their shoulders when the case doesn’t go well.

I want you to think about three things the next time you get ready to answer these questions:

First:  Think about the promises made to you throughout your life.  Think about how you felt when people did not live up to the expectations they set.

Then think about the person who told you the unvarnished truth about something unpleasant.  And think about your reaction when in spite of the herculean effort on part of the service provider, the negative prophecy became reality.

Who were you more likely to recommend?

Oh yeah, and when you are honest in setting expectations, and you meet or exceed them, you have a client for life.

Next:  Remember, the truth is not a competitive advantage. Telling the truth is the minimum expectation your client has of his lawyer.

As a lawyer, getting clients by lying, even if it’s a lie of omission, is going to end up biting you in the ass at some point.

Some lawyers will tell you that clients lie to them all the time.

Some criminal defense lawyers will tell you that most cops lie all the time too.

Do you really want to be included in that company?

Finally:  If your competitive advantage is so weak that you need to make false promises to win clients, you don’t deserve high quality, ethical clients.  You deserve to preach to the congregation impressed by those who handle snakes.

You can tell the truth and still get great cases.  In fact you can get great cases BECAUSE you tell the truth.

Getting clients requires TRUTHFULLY differentiating yourself from everyone else who does what you do.

There’s no room for deception in your profession, my profession or any profession that requires the trust of the client.

Want to know how to get clients?  Start by giving people straight answers.

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How to Get Clients as a Lawyer