Where Did I Go Wrong?

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The Road to Success For LawyersWhenever I am called by a lawyer who asks me this question I know we are looking at an opportunity for growth.

Everyone who has ever achieved greatness has stumbled along the way.

Making mistakes is part of life.

The most successful people have made many mistakes; some of them huge financial blunders.  They have learned valuable lessons from this experience and come back even stronger.

Don’t believe me?

Here are a few:

P.T. Barnum: The Father of the American Circus had a life that was full of ups and downs. Before he created “The Greatest Show on Earth” he didn’t have two nickels to rub together.  When his entertainment idea finally caught on, people thought his previous financial hardship added to his legend as a showman.

Wayne Newton: This preeminent Las Vegas entertainer filed for bankruptcy in 1992 listing more than $20 million in debt. A few years later he signed a new contract with a Las Vegas hotel which pays him over $25 million per year for performing at the hotel 40 weeks a year.

Donald Trump:  This Entrepreneur extraordinaire filed a Chapter 11 bankruptcy case for his casino empire in 2004 to reorganize his business after negotiations with his creditors failed. This was the second bankruptcy case for his casino business; his previous bankruptcy was in 1992.  Now his reality television show alone as made him tens of millions of dollars.

We all make mistakes.

The key is learning from them and taking action based upon the things we learn.  While mistakes are often painful, this pain helps crystallize the learning in our mind.

Think back to the mistakes you have made during the past few months.  What did you learn from them?  How has that made you a better lawyer? How has it made you a better business person?

Of course, you could also learn from the mistakes made by others and prevent some of the pain and hardship that comes along with this personal experience.

I have developed three specific opportunities that will help you learn and avoid pain and, just as importantly, help you learn from the successes of experienced lawyers.

Each of these opportunities is a private, one-on-one relationship with me.  They all afford you a chance to learn from your past experience and from the past experience of your peers.

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