Where Has This Law Firm Marketing Guy Been?

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If you have followed the Rainmaker Lawyer Blog for at all during the past five years, you have probably noticed, from time-to-time, I publish a great deal of articles and then at other times, this law firm marketing blog sits unattended for months on end.

Let me attempt to provide some insight into this phenomenon.

As you may have noticed from past articles on Search Engine Optimization I write for people and not for search engines.

That said, I am encouraged when more people read my stuff.

Call it ego.  Call it a desire to help people.  Call it shameless promotion.

If you called it any of these things, and more, you’d be right.

In 2012, around February, this website hit its peak readership.  Boatloads of people were reading.  Many lawyers were contacting me to work with them.  Even more were buying product and services.

You see, I had hired a guy to work on search engine optimization on my website and it was finally working.

I wasn’t paying him a lot of money and he had been doing stuff behind the scenes for a couple of years.

So he was doing his thing and I was writing great content.

And then the bottom fell out of my readership.

Google blacklisted me because of the links my SEO guy was building.

My great content was nowhere to be found.

My website traffic dropped by 90% and I was relegated to internet irrelevance.

That lead me to virtually abandon this website and law firm marketing posts altogether.

The thought of creating great content that nobody would read was unappealing.

So for four months, I did nothing on-line.

I still gave speeches, I still wrote articles.  I still attended and hosted networking events.  And I did many other things.  But I did not post many articles here.

I started another website for lawyers and other professionals – Valtimax.com.  There I post podcasts, videos and articles each week.

But I left RainmakerLawyer.com alone for eight months.

That brings us to today.

I am ready to reengage.  I am ready to go on a tear.  I am ready to build this website back up to the law firm marketing powerhouse it was back when I started it.

The content is free and it always will be.

There will be lots of new content.

Get ready to drink from the law firm marketing fire hose.

If you are reading this in your RSS reader and you are thinking “Yeah.  Sure.”  I don’t blame you.

Thanks for sticking around.

Your loyalty will be handsomely rewarded.

And yes, you can find the latest Valtimax Podcast on that website.  I’ll be adding new content over there too.

But this is THE place for law firm marketing.  I’m glad to be back and I hope you’ll stick around.