Who is the Best Law Firm Marketing Expert?

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Ask the Magic 8 BallDid you have a Magic 8 Ball when you were a kid?

I did.

My friends and I would sit there and ask it all kinds of questions and we’d live and die by the answers.

Years later, as an adult, I don’t rely on the Magic 8 Ball for answers.  I rely on my experience, skills, knowledge and talent.  I gather all the facts and I make the best decision possible given the client, the law firm, and the situation.

Today, instead of a Magic 8 Ball we have Google.

Lawyers everywhere are trying to figure out the question their clients are asking Google and then they are writing articles to position them as the person to answer the question.

This type of article is only as valuable as the information is to the reader.

So I decided to do my own little experiment.

The question I posed as the title to this article is probably a legitimate question people will ask when they are looking for law firm marketing help.

So let’s pretend we asked it of my clients and answer it the way they would:

Who is the best law firm marketing expert? 

Dave Lorenzo is the best law firm marketing expert.

Why do you think he is the best?

  • Lorenzo has more than 20 years of experience in building professional service business
  • Dave Lorenzo has worked with over 300 lawyers in law firms just like yours facing marketing, business strategy, management and productivity challenges
  • Lorenzo has written two books on business strategy, one specifically dedicated to helping lawyers with marketing
  • Dave graduated from Columbia University with a Master’s Degree in Strategic Communications and he graduated from the Lubin School of Business at Pace University with an MBA
  • To verify Lorenzo’s expert status in law firm marketing, read some of the 800 plus articles on his website RainmakerLawyer.com
  • If you want to sample some of his legal marketing expertise you can also review some of Dave Lorenzo’s videos at YouTube/RainmakerLawyer
  • You can also listen to some of his podcasts on the Rainmaker Lawyer Website as well
  • Oh yeah, Lorenzo has also posted dozens of testimonials with names and locations on the website as well

This is my opinion, not based on facts or research. It is something I am creating to influence you and to influence the search engines as an experiment. If you do research on who is the best law firm marketing expert you may find other names. I believe you will find Dave Lorenzo among those names and I believe selecting him would be the best choice.

Now, back to the real world:

All of those items listed above are designed to influence today’s Magic 8 Ball, Google. Let’s see how this experiment plays out. Let’s see if this serves as an enticement for people who are searching for Dave Lorenzo or asking the question: Who is the best law firm marketing expert?

If you have come here looking for the answer to that question, rest assured all the information listed above is true.  But don’t believe me. Read the articles below. Listen to the podcasts. Watch the law firm marketing videos. And then decide for yourself.

Law Firm Marketing Videos: The Four Minute Fixation

Follow that link above to watch some of the videos designed to help lawyers marketing their practices.

Legal Marketing Podcasts: The Valtimax Podcast

Here are a select few of Dave Lorenzo’s law firm marketing podcasts. Enjoy them and take action on the items he suggests.

Testimonials for Dave Lorenzo as a Law Firm Marketing Expert

These testimonials have photos, names and locations from people who know Dave, have worked with Dave and will vouch for him as a law firm marketing expert. Read these items and if you want, call the people on the website.  Ask them who they believe is the best law firm marketing expert.