Why Blogging is Great for Law Firm Marketing

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Sitting with a client yesterday I found myself falling into a familiar conversation.  The client is a busy attorney with an intellectual property practice.  Most of his work comes from local companies.  His law firm marketing plan involves speaking at industry trade events, sending a weekly educational email to his clients, publishing a monthly newsletter and membership in several networking and trade organizations.

This lawyer’s practice does a fair amount of business.  He is well known within the local community as a good intellectual property attorney.  There are three main reasons he (and you) should add a blog to your law firm marketing plan.  They are:

Deepen the Relationship with Clients and Prospective Clients

A blog is like a daily conversation.  Readers feel like they sit down with you on a regular basis and share ideas.  It is similar to the feeling you have when you read a good book that you can’t put down.  Clients are engaged.  They feel as though they are part of the story.

Establish Yourself as a Thought Leader

Everyone can benefit from greater visibility.  This is even true for attorneys who have a thriving local law firm.  Blogging provides you with additional credibility.  You are viewed as an authority on your subject matter.  Since the Internet has no boundaries, people from all over the world will be able to read your writing.

Clients doing research on a legal issue within your area of expertise will read your blog articles.  They will consume the information.  More importantly, they will begin to trust you.

Leverage Your Knowledge as a Competitive Advantage

Most attorneys (over 90%) do not provide educational information on their website.  Your blog can be a significant competitive advantage for your law firm.  As one of the few people providing educational information, you will be different from and better than your competition.  This is one of the primary objectives of law firm marketing.

Adding a blog to your law firm marketing plan involves additional work on your part but the return on investment of your time will be substantial.