Why should every attorney and law firm have a blog?

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Every attorney and every law firm should have a blog.

Blogs are particularly valuable for attorneys.  Here are seven reasons why every attorney should blog:

1.) A Blog Will Help to Build Trust with Prospective Clients

Articles on blogs tend to be a little more informal in style and content.  You can share some information with your prospective clients in a conversational tone.  It is almost like giving them a quick look into your true personality.  When was the last time an attorney was critiqued for being “too human”….

Updating a blog regularly will give you frequent communication with your prospective clients.  Frequency builds trust.

Discussing a variety of issues on your blog will help people feel like they can approach you – even on things that seem “small”.  In other words, people will be less intimidated and will actually call you.

2.) You Will Educate Your Client Base

This point is huge.  If you update your blog regularly, you can teach your clients and prospective clients how to bring you business.  You can also immediately disqualify crappy cases you would never accept.  This qualification process alone will save you thousands of hours in wasted time.

3.) Regular Blog Articles Allow You to Restate Your Competitive Advantage

You must differentiate your services from your competitors.  Your blog allows you to discuss your points of difference and your competitive advantage over and over and over again.  If you do this often enough, your prospective clients will actually start to hear it, see it and believe it.  Once your blog is up and running, it costs you nothing to keep restating your message.

4.) Your Blog has a Pass-Along-Effect

If you post interesting articles, people will pass them along to others.  This will help to build your word of mouth marketing.  This is the most cost effective form of building a client base.

5.) Learn What Your Clients Need

If you open your blog up to comments you will find out a good deal about your clients’ needs.  This will help you tailor your offering to them.  You will also learn how they like to receive information. 

6.) Position You as an Expert

You can articulate your point of view and your opinion.  This will help position you as an expert not only in the legal sense, but it is not uncommon for attorneys who blog to be perceived as experts in the industry they work with most frequently.

7.) Search Engine Optimization

New original content on your website – generated by blogging – will help to move your website up in the rankings on search engines.  Sites like Google and Yahoo love fresh original content.

Your law firm, no matter how large or small, must use a blog to communicate with your clients.