Without Law Firm Marketing You Are Unemployed

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I don’t convince lawyers of the need for law firm marketing anymore.  A lawyer does not get a meeting with me unless he knows how important marketing is to his future.  I make sure of that.  My time is too valuable and my fees are too high to waste time with people who are “thinking about doing some marketing”.

A couple of weeks ago I spoke at a law firm practice management event hosted by Brian Tannebaum, President of the Florida Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers. I consider Tannebaum a friend but he is also the Captain of the “Just be a good lawyer and business will come” crowd.  He regularly eats phony marketing experts for lunch.  He and his band of merry men on Twitter regularly crucify disbarred lawyers, part time lawyers and washed up lawyers who turn to offering marketing guidance as a way to pay their bills.

The fact that Tannebaum invited me, a law firm marketing expert, to speak to a group of professionals that he leads, respects, and values, is an indication of the competitive environment lawyers face.

The keynote speaker at this event was the legendary Roy Black.  You could have heard a pin drop when he took to the podium to give his talk.  All of the criminal lawyers in the room waited with bated breath for his wisdom.  They were not disappointed but they were surprised.  Black could have spent an hour discussing trial skills.  Instead he urged the group of lawyers to discard their trial advocacy books and study marketing.  He scolded the lawyers who hate selling, telling them they need to embrace it or they will go hungry.  He spoke of focusing on the needs of the client and speaking to those needs as a way to grow a law practice.

The reaction was enthusiastic.  The lawyers embraced Black’s call to action.  In the two weeks that followed since that presentation, a little over one third of the audience has asked to receive my weekly law firm marketing briefing. Some of them will take action.  Some of them will embrace law firm marketing as a way to make more money, attract higher quality clients, and live a better life as a result.

With a legend like Roy Black touting law firm marketing as a necessity and a respected, old school style lawyer like Brian Tannebaum introducing law firm marketing to his peers, you know the time has come to get on board.

You do not need to hire a consultant or coach to get law firm marketing right.  You need to apply some commonsense and put a premium on relationships. Relationships with clients and referral sources are the key.  Focusing on them is focusing on law firm marketing.  Without that focus you will have no business.  Without that focus you will be another unemployed lawyer in a profession that already has too many.

If you choose not to believe facts, then believe the most respected people in the business.  Law firm marketing is more important than ever.  Make it part of your future.