Would You Trust a Part Time Dentist?

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You have a terrible pain in your mouth.  You know something is wrong in there and you need to get it fixed.  You do not have a regular dentist so you head to the Internet and begin the Google Dance.

You find a dentist near your home and you call his office.  You get a voice mail message.  It says that the dentist’s office is only open two days per week.  But you are in luck…he is in the office tomorrow.

You go to the office, fill out your paperwork and wait.

When you finally meet the dentist you ask him about his odd office hours.  You find out that he only practices dentistry part time.  Three day per week he is a car mechanic.

How do you feel as he fires up the drill and tilts the chair back?

Let’s face it, you would not knowingly trust someone who treats dentistry as a hobby to enter your mouth with a sharp object.  But lawyers trust “law firm marketing experts” who only work on law firm marketing part time.

There are many people out there who claim to be law firm marketing experts.  These folks will gladly take your money.  The trouble with them is that they know a half dozen MARKETING TRICKS they learned at some seminar.  They are not true marketing experts.  And as it turns out, they teach these TRICKS to people in all different industries. They don’t know anything about marketing a law firm or about law firm marketing rules.

When it comes to law firm marketing, go with a pro.  Ask good questions. Work with someone who focuses full time on law firm marketing.