Your 10,000 Hour Dilemma

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What do you think would happen if I woke up tomorrow and decided to try my hand at practicing law?

There are lots of books and courses out there that teach you how to write your own will and modify business contracts.  I saw an ad on the internet that said: “For just $99 we will give you the letters to get any negative information removed from your credit report.”

I see these people on Law and Order represent themselves all the time.  They seem to do pretty well considering they committed the crime and were brought to trial in less than an hour.  I have to be at least that good considering I have months (and even years) to figure out my situation.

Even that guy on television said I could renegotiate my mortgage contract with the bank myself.  I always get great deals when I haggle at hotels and jewelry stores.  How much different can a mortgage be?


Of course I’m being sarcastic.

As a lawyer you are a professional with years of experience, school and training.  You regularly attend courses that help you keep up with changes in the law and changes in court procedure.  You review thousands of pages of case law every year to understand new precedent, rulings and jurisdictional issues you may face.

Anyone attempting to represent himself would be foolish to think he had the same advantage as hiring you.

That’s why, even for things as seemingly minor as traffic tickets, I recommend people hire a good lawyer with experience in the specific area of law they face.

In his book, Outliers: The Story of Success, author Malcom Gladwell presents research that identifies the major success factor for experts as spending 10,000 hours focused on achieving perfection in a narrowly defined area.

That’s why, as a lawyer, after 6 or 7 years you are entering your prime.

That’s also why I’m puzzled when I see lawyers read a blog post and think they know everything there is to know about marketing.

Right now some lawyer is signing a contract for radio airtime or signing a web contract or approving a ridiculous ad for the side of a bus, thinking he made a great decision.

Why?  Because they lose all sense of expertise or rationality when thinking about the business aspects of running their law firm.

Lawyer marketing is a discipline just like practicing law.  Until you practice this discipline for 10,000 hours you should not expect to perform like those who have dedicated their careers to this profession.

To master marketing, a lawyer must blend academic ideals with business reality while performing like a psychologist.  Once he has that under his belt, the lawyer marketing expert should then gain in-depth knowledge of the tactical aspects of marketing like:

  • How to get an article published
  • How to land a speaking engagement
  • Which networking events to attend
  • And how to make the most of any of these opportunities (and hundreds of others)

Oh and then there are those pesky advertising rules for lawyers.  Each state is different.  And they change, often. You need to spend time keeping up with the rules that will affect you.

But who has time for that?  Can you afford to invest 6 or 7 years becoming a lawyer marketing expert?

Of course not.

That’s why you take shortcuts.

You read a couple of things here and there and you plunk down some cash and hope for the best.  Kind of like your last trip to Vegas…

There’s a better way.

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