Your Dose of Continuous Improvement

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Most Valuable Law Firm InfoAs the leader of a law firm you must push your team to continuously grow and improve. You must also hold yourself accountable to this standard.

To help you grow and improve I have included links below to the five most popular articles published by Rainmaker Lawyer Consulting this past week.

Make certain you read them and, more importantly, make sure you put the guidance contained in these articles into action.

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Here now are the five articles you must read from the previous week:

Five Ways to Get Clients in the Door Now

This will probably become one of the most popular articles of all time on  It is literally a blueprint for getting clients into your law firm in short order.  Also included is a podcast which provides you with a step-by-step guide.  Listen to it over and over again.

Things You Should Not Care About

You cannot focus on everything and hope to be successful.  This article is your guide to the things you need to focus on and the things you should let go.

Four Relationships that Control Your Life

This is not an article about how you should call your mother more often. It is an article about the relationships that make all the difference when it comes to leading your law firm to successful outcomes.

First Do No Harm

We’ve all seen the attorney commercials that make the lawyers look like total goofballs.  As I write this a bus is passing by my office with a face of some bonehead plastered all over the side of it.  Your first rule in attorney marketing should be: “Do No Harm” to your law firm or your reputation.

The Audio CD that Puts Cash in Your Pocket

A few weeks ago I began offering my readers a CD that details how successful lawyers make the transformation from lawyer to business leader. I send this CD to you at my own personal expense.  I even cover the cost of shipping.  If you have not claimed your copy of this CD, do it now while I still have a couple left.

Take advantage of this opportunity to focus on improving your law firm by taking advantage of the information above.  This is you chance to make a difference in your life and the lives of the clients with whom you work.