Your Most Valuable Relationship

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A couple of weeks ago at a meeting of my Strategic Advisory Group for lawyers, one of my clients was telling the story of how his client, a very big celebrity, was going to be honored at an industry event.  As he told our group this story, he ran down the list of all the things he had accomplished with and on behalf of this high profile individual.  The list could have easily been mistaken for the achievements of a CAREER – yet my client helped his client accomplish these initiatives in less than twelve months.

I am not easily impressed or star struck – but in this case my jaw dropped.

The reason?

Not because of the fame of the celebrity involved.  Not because of the sheer volume of work accomplished in a short time.  And not because of the fees transferred from client to lawyer.  All of these were significant but none as impressive as the one thing that can literally make or break any law firm or lawyer’s practice….the strength of the relationship between the lawyer and the client.

In this particular attorney/client relationship, the client, a mega star, does not make a business move without talking to his trusted advisor – the lawyer – my client.

Why is this so impressive?

Because that is the true nature of the practice of law. That is why you exist and why I help you.  The client seeks your counsel.  You guide.  You advocate.  You opine.  And you represent.  An ideal attorney/client relationship is not bound by specific matter or individual transaction or passing legal case.  It is life-long and it is built upon bedrock of trust.

You may know me as a guy who helps lawyers attract clients but that is only partially true.  I am the guy who helps lawyers attract the RIGHT client and then I help lawyers develop those life-long relationships.

In my world, marketing for lawyers is relationship development.  To me a billboard is equal to speed dating.  Lawyer referral services are essentially on-line match makers.  Books with faces and twit websites are akin to The Singles Bar Scene.

I prefer my clients to meet their clients the old fashioned way – through a referral, by being approached by an admirer or by seeing them speak at an event.  Making this happen is both an art and a science but it is only the beginning.  Delivering value (real value in the eyes of the client) is what makes a relationship last.

How many of your clients will NOT make a move without first discussing it with you?

That list, in essence, is a demonstration of your value as a lawyer.