Your Website as Your Primary Web Presence

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Law Firm WebsiteSocial media has exploded onto the scene and added a new element to marketing for lawyers.  This element is the interaction of your friends, acquaintances and peers in the on line world.  It is foolish to think these interactions will not have an effect on a person’s decision to hire a lawyer.  They most certainly will.

You can take advantage of social media to help you educate your clients as they decide which law firm to choose.  But the role of social media is not to broadcast your message to potential clients.  Its role is to influence prospective clients to find out more about their situation and educate themselves on the options they have available.

That’s where your primary web presence comes in.  Your website is your primary web presence.  It should be education central for your area of the law. You should regularly post video, articles and audio content on your blog and you should point people to it as a resource.

The more education a prospect receives on his situation, the better the quality of his decision-making when selecting a lawyer.  And if you are the best lawyer for the job you will be the natural choice.

All your social media properties should drive people to your primary web presence.

Here is a video that explains this process in detail.

Remember, the role of your website is to educate your client, differentiate you from everyone else who does what you do, and motivate the prospective client to call you for help.

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